For any of those of you who have gone to CTY, at anytime, and miss it, I feel your pain. Feel free to e-mail me and talk about it. Also, for any Saratoga CTY people, if you haven't already received an invitation to my online reunion, please contact me if you're interested in participating... I'll tell you all of the details then. Meanwhile,for those of you who went to the Saratoga Springs site this past year, never forget the following five things:

1.Scrod is God.

2.Hold out the 'a' in Gannett when your talking about that auditorium.

3. Surge is NOT liquified, carbonized scrod.

4. American Pie still does, and always will kick a*s.

5. Don't go outside barefooted, afer lights out, when it's raining, with a flame producing device, after having drank Jolt soda, and then proceed to enter the dorm room of a member of the opposite sex, play magic cards with them, open a Howe window, and bully a first year kid... at least not until it's the last night of your nevermore year. :)

And now, for the CTY classics...


to listen to American Pie!


to listen to Stairway To Heaven!


to listen to Time Warp!

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